Osaka is one of the prime shopping destinations in Japan. This modern city on Honshu Island features many attractive shopping zones, both above ground and underground. Its shops offer a wide range of items, suitable for every budget. So, if you plan to go to Osaka and do some shopping, don’t expect that two hands to be enough to carry everything!

Top shopping areas

Umeda is a large shopping and commercial area in the center of Osaka. As you get around, you will come across many department stores lining shopping arcades and clustered in underground malls. Come to Umeda and get acquainted with new technologies and the latest fashion trends, mostly geared toward people in their 20s and 30s.

Namba is another vibrant district in Osaka popular among shopaholics. Besides underground malls, it boasts an extensive network of shopping arcades. In this area, you can find big brand name shops, latest collections and reasonably-priced items.

America Mura, near Namba, is popular among young people that are after affordable fashion. The area abounds with hundreds of stores offering low-priced clothing.

The neighboring Horie district caters to a bit older people that prefer a balance of decent clothing and affordable prices.


Shinsaibashi-suji and Dotonbori form one of the most popular commercial areas in Osaka. It boasts upscale and tax-free shopping.

osaka shopping areas

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Nipponbashi (popularly known as Den Den Town) specializes in electronic items and you should be ready to bargain there. Whatever item you may need, you are likely to find it in this shopping area.

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If you wish to concentrate only to the shopping, without unavoidable distractions of the bustling city, go to Rinku Town. Located near Kansai International Airport, this area is solely devoted to exceptional shopping. In addition, it is the largest outlet shopping center in Western Japan. There, you will find famous local and international brand stores selling accessories, clothes and many other items for reasonable prices.

Famous shopping zones and shops in Osaka

Crysta Nagahori is an underground mall, frequented by people between 20 and 40 years of age. The mall is next to Shinsaibashi-suji, and fashion, drug and many other stores line its halls.

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Sennichimae Doguya-suji, in the heart of Namba, is probably the best zone in Osaka where you can find cooking utensils and accessories. After all, it isn’t nicknamed “Japan’s Kitchen” without a reason.


Umeda Arcade will delight you with its appealing design and a variety of stores. Bookstores, cosmetic, jewelry and fashion stores are just some you will find here.

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Yodobashi Camera, in the vicinity of the Osaka Station, sells various electrical goods and digital items. More so, these often come with discounts. This 13-level department store also offers gourmet specialties, sweets, toys and much more.


Plan your shopping adventures in Osaka

We have created a custom map featuring all of the above shopping areas so that you can plan and make the most of your shopping days in Osaka.


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