monkey hot springs
As Winter has officially began, the days have become shorter and colder. It’s the season where Japanese people love to visit the hot springs!   Onsen written in Kanji is 温泉. ‘温’(on) means "warm" and ‘泉’(sen) means "spring". Japan is geographically situated on a number of volcanos with 3,133 onsens and  further 28,033 untapped geothermal fountains still remaining in Japan. Onsen waters are known...
otsukimi moon viewing festival
It's autumn in Japan! Otsukimi season! …but what is otsukimi? The word “otsukimi” literally means, “to watch the moon”. Otsukimi is held around the day of a full moon from the middle of the September to the beginning of October. At this time of the year in Japan, it is said that the clear air makes the moon look at...
Imagine being able to race your friends in a real life Mario Kart race....wait, now you can! Check out, to race the streets of Tokyo as your favourite Mario character.
Osaka is one of the prime shopping destinations in Japan. This modern city on Honshu Island features many attractive shopping zones, both above ground and underground. Its shops offer a wide range of items, suitable for every budget. So, if you plan to go to Osaka and do some shopping, don’t expect that two hands to be enough to...

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