Fukubukuro – Grab A Japanese Lucky Bag During The New Year Sales


Fukubukuro (福袋) is a Lucky Bag with various mystery gifts inside, one of Japanese traditions during the New Year. Fukubukuro is sealed firmly so you cannot peek inside before buying one and will always contain something of a higher value for what you paid.

Many retail stores provide Fukubukuro nowadays and especially the most popular Fukubukuro is from trendy fashionable brands ranging in prices of 5,000yen to 20,000yen.

At Shibuya 109, the most famous fashion complex in Tokyo had approximately 40,000 people formed a line in order to purchase Fukubukuro.  Does it sound silly to pay for something without knowing what it is?

Some major department stores will also provide special Fukubukuro.  Special how…. extremely expensive or unique contents inside. For example, in 2012, a piece of jewellery inside a Fukubukuro was sold for 2,012,000 yen, while a lucky buyer purchased a Fukubukuro for 20,120,000 yen containing a…… I’ll let you guess, “House”!

Fukubukuro is not only considered a ‘good deal’ but also something that people try their luck on. Actually ‘Fuku(福)’ means ‘Good Luck’, so if you find something good in the bag then it could mean a good start for the New Year!

By Kisai


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