Do you like Japanese antiques?

Growing up in the countryside in Japan on quite a large property I was surrounded by antiques which have been in my family for generations. I certainly didn’t appreciate then the beauty and craftsmanship of Japanese furniture, ceramics and decor quite like I do today.

Naturally I was surprised when I came to Australia to find that old Japanese goods were selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For a short while I was even tempted to cash in on all the hidden treasures tucked in storage at my family’s garage!

Having lived in Australia for 10 years now I often feel nostalgic for Japanese antiques and have started to build my own collection.

I would like to introduce my top 5 favourite places to find Japanese antique for sale in Melbourne & Victoria plus one bonus location.

japanese antiques melbourne

  1. TETSU; Japanese Antique tools, ornaments, kimono

This is my favourite Japanese antique shop in Victoria. I found this place recently when I was actually on my way to visiting the number 2 location on this list, KYO. The owner is Japanese and he regularly returns to Japan to buy Japanese antiques for KYO and his own shop. They have more Japanese tools like knives, tea ceremony sets and ornaments and many more unique items.  This shop is more like a warehouse so don’t expect professional presentation, but because of that it feels like treasure hunting! If you are like me, you will really enjoy walking around and finding amazing Japanese treasures (but please be careful!). Also, they have a stall at Camberwell market.

Address: Ocean grove next to KYO

Camberwell Sunday Market Stall 403 & 404


  1. KYO; Japanese antique furniture, ceramics, homewares

This is a big Asian antique warehouse.

You can find Japanese furniture and ceramics also there are old Japanese signs, ornaments, old Japanese arcade games and even supermarket shopping baskets! It is a very interesting place to walk around.

In addition to the Japanese antiques they also have antiques from other Asian countries like China and India.

As with Tetsu, the prices are cheaper than other Antique shops in Melbourne, so you can find some real bargains.

Address: 26 Smithton Grove, Ocean Grove

  1. Made in Japan; Japanese ceramics /South Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market

There is a Japanese phrase, “Me to shita de tanoshimu” which means “Experience with your eyes and mouth” and is usually used when talking about the presentation of food. In Japanese culture food presentation is as important as taste. Made in Japan is my go-to location for Japanese style ceramics which, just like the phrase, really enhance any Japanese cooking. In addition to the large collection of Japanese ceramics you can find many Japanese antiques and furniture to fit out your kitchen and living room areas.

Made in Japan is walking distance from South Melbourne market in a small alleyway.

Address: 1-7 Wynyard St South Melbourne

  1. Tombo; Japanese décor, furniture, textiles

This shop used to be on High St in Northcote but now it has moved to Fitzroy North. There are Japanese and Chinese antique furniture, décor and ceramics. They also have a variety of Japanese textiles and kimonos. I bought 2 different type of Japanese pattern’s zabuton (Cushions) here as well as an antique chadansu (Japanese tea set drawers). If you want to get Japanese pattern textiles or custom made Japanese cushions this is a great place to check out.

Address: 3/260 St Georges Rd Fitzroy North


  1. Kazari; Japanese antiques

This shop has many different kinds of antiques. The way the antiques are displayed is very beautiful and almost like an art gallery. The only problem is that it is very expensive!! Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy. Maybe one day!!

Address: Main shop. 450 Malvern Road, Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3181

Warehouse. 7- 11, Hill St, Cremorne,

Bonus. Zigu Zagu; Japanese fabrics

This shop is a part of Kazari. They supply many types of Japanese fabrics like kimonos, obi, zabuton, cushions, ottomans and other fabric décor. Zigu Zagu also offer a unique in-house custom-made service, specializing in cushions, zabuton, noren and table runners made especially to your specifications using your choice of our fabrics. Prices are not cheap but you can expect very good quality.

Address: 450 Malvern Road, Prahran


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