monkey hot springs

As Winter has officially began, the days have become shorter and colder. It’s the season where Japanese people love to visit the hot springs!  

Onsen written in Kanji is 温泉’(on) means “warm” and ‘’(sen) means “spring”.

Japan is geographically situated on a number of volcanos with 3,133 onsens and  further 28,033 untapped geothermal fountains still remaining in Japan.

Onsen waters are known to contain minerals believed to have therapeutic healing properties which revitalise the body and the mind.

onsen ryokan

Ryokan, a traditional Japanese style inn (Hot Spring Hotels) are located away from the major cities and found in deep mountain sides or seaside towns of Japan.

Housing design is very unique. The traditional baths also and local food sets the perfect mood for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for all who visit. Onsen resorts are the most popular travel destination for Japanese people.

roten buro

Luxurious baths called “roten buro”(outdoor bath), will usually face the mountain side or sea and are designed to make you one with nature.  A pleasant cool breeze often encourage Japanese people to drink warm sake while immersing themselves in the pleasant warm waters roten buro. Did you know that in Japan onsen’s are enjoyed by users totally in the nude?

monkey hot springs

The image of Japanese mountain monkeys having a bath is very famous around the world. 

japanese onsen

These days many hot spring facilities offer ‘Higaeri onsen’ which means you can use the hot spring without staying overnight. They usually provide a delicious lunch package, have become very popular.

The ‘Super Sento’ is also very popular. ‘Sento’ means ‘Folksy Public bathhouse’ which are different from onsens since they use boiled tap water or spring water.  They also provide Jacuzzi spa bath, sauna and traditional outdoor baths. Restaurants and therapeutic massages are also found in these sento’s.

Not quite the same as natural onsens but it provides convenience as there located close to the major cities.

You can also find onsens right here in Melbourne.  Why not give them a try?

Peninsula Hot Spring

The Japanese Bath House

Did you know that in Japan onsen’s are enjoyed by users totally in the nude?



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